Woman Sees Furry Shape On Busy Bronx Highway — And Realizes It’s Alive

Two days before Christmas, Claudia Mustafa got into her car to drive her mother from Long Island, New York, to New Jersey. It turned out to be a journey neither of them would forget.

“My mother had been visiting for a while, and she’d caught my son’s cold,” Mustafa told The Dodo. “She said, ‘It’s better if I head home so … I can get better on my own.’”

For a reason Mustafa doesn’t entirely understand, she decided to take the Bruckner Expressway through the Bronx, even though she realized there might be more traffic on that road.

“It was about 12:40 or 12:45 — I remember looking at the time and saying it’s going to take about an hour to get to New Jersey,” Mustafa said. “The sun was glistening a little bit, and I looked ahead, and I saw something furry.”

The furry object was pressed against the median strip separating the two sides of the highway. Mustafa’s first thought was that it was roadkill. But when the car ahead of her passed the object, she saw it was a cat.

“The ears flickered, and I said, ‘Oh my God. It’s not roadkill. It’s actually still alive,’” Mustafa said. “I saw his eyes blinking rapidly because of the wind gusts.”’Open Next Page To See More


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