Rescuers In Ruins Of Wildfire Hear Cries For Help Under Burned-Out Truck

Cinematographer Douglas Thron is no stranger to the destructive force of wildfires; he’s spent decades capturing the aftermath such infernos leave behind. But nothing could prepare him for the scenes resulting from the California’s deadly Camp Fire.

“I have never witnessed anything like it,” Thron told The Dodo. “This is the most devastating fire I’ve ever seen.”

Amid the apocalyptic landscape, however, hope is not lost.

Recently, Thron paired up with volunteer animal rescuer Shannon Jay to scour the ruins of Paradise, a town leveled by the Camp Fire, in search of any pets who may have survived. Jay has rescued countless cats from disaster zones over the years, and Thron came to learn what a labor of love that really is. Open Next Page To See More


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