Cat Helps Kittens Thrive at the Vet After He Was Given Second Chance

A cat came to a veterinary clinic for a chance at a better life. Now, he’s giving back by helping others in need.

A ginger and white cat arrived at Oaks Veterinary Urgent Care in Agoura Hills, California with a spinal injury. “He was paralyzed from his mid-back downwards,” Dr. Rachel Wallach, Veterinarian of the clinic, told Love Meow.


“I performed a work-up and amazingly Fergus or Ferg as we call him, still had feelings his back legs and tail. He couldn’t use them or move them but when I poked them, he could feel it which meant we had a chance to get him back to walking again and going to the bathroom on his own again.”


They took a chance on the sweet feline, knowing the recovery would be long and slow but they were committed to helping this deserving boy. “Ferg is a Scottish Fold and as such he needed a good Scottish name. I’d gone to vet school in Scotland and I named him Fergus which means Man of Strength.”

They treated his pain and urinary tract infection. They celebrated each time Fergus regained some feeling. A few weeks later, he stood on his own for the first time.

“I’d like to think it had something to do with our care, but it wasn’t. Fergus had been motivated by meeting another cat friend,” Rachel told Love Meow.


Their clinic cat Salvador noticed Fergus at his arrival, and they began meowing at each other. “We placed a step stool in front of Fergus’ cage, and Salvador climbed up to say hello. Immediately, Ferg was on his feet. We were ecstatic!”

Once Ferg was strong enough to explore, he walked around the clinic meeting new friends. “He met a dog recovering from heat stroke and buddied up to him for the day he spent with us,” Rachel told Love Meow.


When they received several orphaned ducklings, the sweet-natured kitty quickly came to provide warmth and comfort. With Fergus no longer being bedridden, they discovered something rather special about him.

“He loves to groom our newest critters and make sure they are well taken care of. The night before my birthday I got a call from an old co-worker regarding 10 kittens who needed a safe place to land,” Rachel shared with Love Meow.

One of them was in rough shape and needed extensive care. As soon as everyone else was adopted, he found himself in the charge of nurse Fergus who showered him with love.


Another kitten named Skywalker was found lifeless on the side of the road. “His life on the streets had wiped him out. Even with extra attention the kitten didn’t really thrive. Once the fleas were cleared and he wasn’t having (stomach issues), we decided to try him with a foster parent.”

Ferg took the little guy under his wing, and Skywalker immediately perked up and started eating. After a rough beginning to life, the kitten was finally making great strides.

Fergus helped nurse him back to health and was always there for him as he grew into a gorgeous young cat.

Watch Ferg and Skywalker in this cute video:

Recently, a ginger kitten named Oliver was brought to the clinic with an injured tail that had to be removed. The brave little one bounced back the next morning after surgery, meowing aloud like he normally does.

Staff knew just the perfect nurse for the little guy to help him heal.


They introduced him to Fergus, and in no time, the kitten nuzzled into his arms, and the two fell asleep cuddling with each other.

Ferg now has a new patient to take care of, and he takes his job very seriously.


Whenever sweet Fergus comes across an animal at the vet, he takes to them and tries to comfort them.

They gave him a second chance at life, and now he’s giving back by helping those in need.


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