Cat Found With Broken Jaw And Crushed Bones Due To Blunt Force Trauma

Some monster brutally tortured an innocent cat and left him to die. Someone found the badly abused cat and brought him to an animal control facility. The cat was in desperate need of medical care.

Photo: Humane Society of Bay County

Humane Society of Bay County stepped up to save the injured cat. Charger had a broken jaw and crushed bones in his face—specifically around his nose and his left eye socket. After examining Charger’s injuries, it seemed that he had experienced some blunt force trauma to his head, likely purposely inflicted.

After multiple surgeries, Charger is starting to feel better. He still has a few more surgeries to go to repair the damage to his face. Miraculously, he is expected to make a full recovery. Even though Charger has a right to never trust humans again, he is a friendly cat that loves attention. Charger is now quite the charmer and already has an adopter!Open Next Page To See More


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