Cat Comes Home With A Note On His Collar Revealing His Double Life

This is Nilo — a sweet cat who has a secret. Well, he had a secret, that is.

Recently, the truth was revealed.

Nilo’s owner, Héctor Morales, adopted him when he was just a kitten, born to a local stray. Since then, Morales has provided Nilo with a cozy home — though he soon discovered Nilo had inherited an insatiable desire for adventures outdoors.

Comfortable knowing that Nilo wasn’t wandering far, and that he always returned safely on his own, Morales was happy to give his cat that freedom.

As Nilo got older, however, he got bolder as well.

Before long, his afternoon adventures began to lengthen, until days would pass with no Nilo in sight. Initially, Morales was worried that his cat was lost and desperate someplace. But oddly enough:

“He always returns home, like he’d never left,” Morales told The Dodo. “Very calm, and fatter, too.” Open Next Page To See More